Roadmap & Updates

What were planning and what we've recently updated

Android – Version 2.8 – Update Release


  • [RSA-502] – Location Transfer: Display Project on UI.
  • [RSA-523] – Login: Improve alert “Session expired or invalid”.
  • [RSA-526] – Preference: Select Company view UI changes.
  • [RSA-527] – Preference: Select Division view UI changes.
  • [RSA-528] – Preference: Select Site view UI changes.
  • [RSA-532] – PO Receipt: Improve printing functionality.
  • [RSA-534] – SO Entry: Improve Edit and Remove view UI changes.
  • [RSA-542] – SO Entry: Add Product Description field to SO Line details.
  • [RSA-543] – SO Entry: Add Internal and External Comments to SO Line details.
  • [RSA-546] – SO Entry: Select Product – Add OCR functionality.
  • [RSA-547] – SO Entry: Prevent from changing the Product Type after selecting a Product.
  • [RSA-548] – SO Entry: Create Line, Due Date default to Today
  • [RSA-550] – SO Ship: Allow to OCR the Tracking Number.
  • [RSA-551] – SO Entry: Change field values (Customer, Order Type, Order Status)
  • [RSA-552] – SO Entry: Select Customer view UI changes
  • [RSA-553] – SO Entry: User Status view UI changes
  • [RSA-554] – SO Entry: Order Type validation
  • [RSA-555] – SO Entry: User Status validation
  • [RSA-556] – SO Entry: Select Contact view UI changes
  • [RSA-560] – General: Camera Access view
  • [RSA-561] – Location Add: Implement new record transaction
  • [RSA-562] – Login: Improve login module.

New Features

  • [RSA-348] – General: Implement Performance Monitoring


  • [RSA-549] – SO Entry: Swipe left – app doesn’t allow me to Edit or Delete line.
  • [RSA-563] – PO Receipt: Can’t find a PO
  • [RSA-564] – Location Transfer: System.QueryException: Non-selective query…
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