Roadmap & Updates

What were planning and what we've recently updated

Android – Version 2.9 – Update Release


  • [RSA-504] – Location Adjust: Improve selection of Location Number.
  • [RSA-525] – Location Label: Allow select multiple Location Numbers before print.
  • [RSA-531] – Location Label: Improve printing functionality.
  • [RSA-558] – Stock Overview: Show Projects and Serials under Location tab.
  • [RSA-565] – Sales Order Entry: Show Product Image of each Sales Order Line.
  • [RSA-578] – Work Order Issue: Add “Transaction Comments” field.
  • [RSA-579] – Time & Qty Booking: Add “Transaction Comments” field.
  • [RSA-583] – Work Order Receipt: Add “Transaction Comments” and “Location Comments” fields.

New Features

  • [RSA-209] – Add Inventory Requisitions from Stock Overview
  • [RSA-461] – Sales Order Entry: Email and Print Sales Order Acknowledgement
  • [RSA-471] – Sales Order Pick: Print SO Pick List
  • [RSA-489] – Sales Order Pick: Allow user to perform Pack while performing Picking (Issuing).


  • [RSA-567] – SO Entry: SO Header Customer PO/Customer Reference edits not saving
  • [RSA-577] – WO Receipt: SYDATA Response “Lot number cannot be specified on SYDATA”
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