Roadmap & Updates

What were planning and what we've recently updated

iOS – Version 2.10 – Winter ’18 Release


  • [RSI-694] – Purchase Order Receipt: Improve Default Receiving Location Number indicator.
  • [RSI-921] – Order Entry: Other tab dynamic.

New Features

  • [RSI-541] – Purchase Order Entry: New Module
  • [RSI-591] – Inventory Reconciliation: New Module
  • [RSI-825] – Planned Location Transfer: New Module


  • [RSI-923] – Stock Overview: Print Label – Select Lot it always pick the first Lot on the list.
  • [RSI-927] – WO Issue: A qualifying Inventory Item location entry not found
  • [RSI-928] – Login : App Crash when Site is not assigned on Mfg User record.
  • [RSI-931] – Time & Qty Booking: Time and quantity Booking filter not working.
  • [RSI-935] – PO Receipt: Invalid Location Number? But location exists!
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