Roadmap & Updates

What were planning and what we've recently updated

iOS – Version 2.12 – Update Release


  • [RSI-815] – Sales Order Pack: Allow Generate/Print Packing Slip

New Features

  • [RSI-464] – Time & Qty Booking: allow user to go other areas of the app while using timer.
  • [RSI-942] – PO Receipt: Add (Initialize) controls to the Header.
  • [RSI-959] – Reconciliation: ‘Hold’ Transaction
  • [RSI-963] – PO Receipt: Extend the Item Description
  • [RSI-964] – PO Receipt: Display Direct Sales Order Line


  • [RSI-966] – General: Cannot login new Rootscan user
  • [RSI-968] – Inventory Reconciliation: Adjusting incorrectly the Actual Qty.
  • [RSI-969] – Inventory Reconciliation: Process Quantity doesn’t allow ‘decimals’.
  • [RSI-981] – Rootscan SO Picking Items with decimal precision – issued quantity contains 13 decimals and ignores decimal precision
  • [RSI-982] – Rootscan – OCR function not working in all module
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