Roadmap & Updates

What were planning and what we've recently updated

iOS – Version 2.7 – Update Release


  • [RSI-790] – WO Issue: Enable OCR for Lot selection.
  • [RSI-791] – Location Adjust: Improve selection of Lot items.
  • [RSI-798] – Purchase Order Receipt: Improve PO search functionality.
  • [RSI-810] – Location Transfer: Improve selection of FROM Location.
  • [RSI-819] – Location Transfer: Improve flow to specify TO Location Number
  • [RSI-822] – WO Issue: Display Inventory Unit of Measure (UOM)
  • [RSI-823] – PO Receipt: Display Purchasing Unit of Measure (UOM)
  • [RSI-824] – SO Fulfillment: Display Unit of Measure (UOM)
  • [RSI-826] – Inventory Location Label: Improve enter Location Number
  • [RSI-828] – PO Receipt: Display Vendor Part Number
  • [RSI-830] – Location Transfer: Improve selection UI of Site, Location ID and Location Number
  • [RSI-835] – Location Adjust: Improve Location ID selection view
  • [RSI-894] – Location Adjust: Specify Location, Project field relocation

New Features

  • [RSI-510] – SER: Stock Overview: Allow search by Vendor Part Number.
  • [RSI-799] – WO Issue: Allow Over-Issue Material.
  • [RSI-806] – Time & Qty Booking: Allow filter by “Assigned To” and “Work Center”.
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