Enable Mobile Access to a Manufacturing User


A Manufacturing User record has many “controls” to enable and control a number of features, some of those points are described in more detail below.


Each individual who will be using Rootstock as a ‘Mobile User’ will need to have an established Manufacturing User Record with the Standard Mobile User or Shop Floor Mobile Users indicator enabled; the user must also have a Mobile Profile assigned to it.

Menu Path

System Setup > Manufacturing Users


On the list view, the display can be sorted, ascending or descending by any column. List view subsets can be defined and saved and list view can be used ad hoc.

  • To add a new record ‘New Manufacturing User’ button.
  • To edit an existing record, select ‘Edit’ in the Action column.
  • To view select the Name in the ‘Name’ column.
Key Data Elements
  • Standard Mobile User: If checked, the user is able to perform all functions in RootScan App.
  • Shop Floor Mobile User: If checked, the user is only able to perform Work Orders functions in the mobile app.
  • User Mobile Profile: A valid Mobile Profile from the User Mobile Profiles. Determines user’s abilities in the mobile App.
  • Multi-Site (Mobile): If setup for multi-site, this flag determines if the Manufacturing User has access to more than the default site.
  • Current Site: For manufacturing users who are designated multi-site users, this field both defines the site they are currently working in.
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